This Vodka’s Right at Home in the Heart of Texas

Nick Quint, Owner of Yahara Bay — Madison’s Yahara Bay has found a new home among cowboys, cacti, and nightclubs. Selected by Golden Spirits of Dallas, Texas to distill and bottle the new spirit, MILLION Vodka–Yahara Bay Distillers began producing and shipping the flagship liquor in August 2009. Crafted in the same small-batch approach as Yahara Bay’s Premium Vodka, it begins with a base of Wisconsin’s finest grains and is distilled five times, and filtered three times to ensure a bright, crisp, and refreshing addition to any cocktail.

“Mark (Golden) could have chosen any vodka producer to distill his new spirit, and he chose Yahara Bay, a small-batch, craft distiller out of Wisconsin. It’s nice to know that when put up against the Grey Gooses, Kettle One’s, and Belvedere’s of the world, we came out on top.” Nick Quint, Owner/Chief Distiller

The concept created by Golden Spirits is unique, develop city-specific bottles featuring the location’s nightime skyline and fill them with the highest quality vodka. First up, Dallas, Texas. Having been quaffed by the hottest DJ’s, local celebrities, and hip, young urbanites, MILLION Vodka’s popularity in Dallas continues to grow. New York, Miami, and Los Angeles are also in line to recieve the custom bottle.

Yahara Bay Distillers produces premium spirits, hand-crafted in small batches using Wisconsin’s finest ingredients. Yahara Bay currently distills Vodka, White Rum, Extra Dry Gin, Mad Bird Rum, Apple Brandy, Lemoncella, and Apple Crisp Liqueur.

For additional information please see the following sources:

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From Yahara Bay Distillers

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