About Million Vodka

Million Vodka is the brain-child of MGFFirst CEO, Mark Golden, who wanted to bring his American dream of owning a Million to the world. Hand-crafted in an award-winning, state-of-the-art distillery, Million Vodka is the ultra premium in vodka. Made from 100% American grains, the vodka is distilled five times and triple-filtered to ensure a supremely smooth, pure taste by our master distiller, with over 20-years experience.

It’s this sophisticated taste that arouses your senses and awakens your imagination to live and celebrate with swagger… like a millionaire. Beautifully adorned with America’s most iconic skylines, Million Vodka invites you to celebrate the nightlife in your city with passion and pride. After the first lavish sip, you will understand the luxury of having a Million and wonder why you didn’t upgrade your life sooner!

Aside from the decadently smooth taste, Million Vodka also has the tip of it’s finger on the pulse of your city, setting you up with hottest of luxury events and premium contests. Million has sponsored events hosted by top celebrity superstars and world-renowned athletes, such as Jamie Foxx, Ladainian Tomlinson, and Tyrese Gibson. We are always keeping an eye out for the next big event that will have you face-to-face with the stars, sipping on America’s ultra premium vodka.

With Million vodka, you truly own the night.